Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How do you solve a problem like Chedoke?

I read in The Spec and on the CBC in the last couple of days that Hamilton has to look into how it can make it's public golf courses more profitable.

I don't much about King's Forest but I spent years walking through Chedoke on my way to meet up with friends in Westdale from my parent's home on the West Mountain.  I vividly remember the ski hill and going down it on toboggans in the winter.  I understand why the ski hill ended up shutting down and how much it sucked for the people who used it.

Well here is the kernel for my idea on what should be done at Chedoke Park:

That's right, I think that Chedoke should be developed into a proper tubing park.  I would also suggest a zip line since we have the magnificent Niagara Escarpment to use. This is something that I have though of for years but seeing Chicopee develop it in Kitchener has solidified it for me. Gosh why not throw in a Gondola for the heck of it as well!

I agree that the clubhouse is a wasted opportunity for golf but it would be awesome for apres tubing hot chocolate if it was updated. Lighting that area up at night and doing some night tubing would be a great opportunity.  A quick look at Chicopee shows that they do tubing in the summer as well using some special plastics.

I think that the worst thing that could happen would be sell that area off to developers.  What a tragic loss of publicly owned greenspace.

So what do you think Hamilton? I think that this would be awesome!

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