Thursday, December 1, 2011

Helping Hand

What's wrong with people? I mean really, what is WRONG with people? When I got to work this morning I was about to head upstairs but I saw an elderly man standing near me and he was crying.

From the look of him he was in diminished circumstances and pretty upset. I watched as people looked at him and just kept on going about their business. I couldn't believe it!

I walked over to him and asked him if he was alright. He said that he was worried about his sister because she had a stroke and he didn't know what to do. I asked him if there was someone I could call for him. He said that he wasn't sure who to speak to. He wasn't sure if she was in the hospital yet or where she was.

He was obviously not flush with cash and probably not fully capable either. I asked where he lived and he said that it was a lodging house a couple of blocks away. We decided to try and go to the community policing station in Jackson Square but it was closed. In the end I called the police to see if they could give me some idea of who he could speak to.

Once I explained the situation the police offered to come down and have an officer speak to him. That way they could find out where to take him. Unfortunately at that point I had to leave. I spoke to security in my building and they promised to look after him until the police showed up.

I went back down on my break and was advised that the police showed up and they have spoken to him in the past. They took him and advised that they would find out where his sister was and would be able to get him to see her.

That took me 10 minutes. I had a conversation with him and offered my sympathy for the fact that his sister was ill. All he needed was for someone to try and all he got from the people around him was disdain and uncomfortable stares. Sickening.

I want my kids to grow up treating people like people. I want them to know that it is alright to ask someone who is obvious distress if they need help. I want to think that if one of my Grandparents or Parents was in the same situation someone would have helped them.

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