Friday, November 7, 2008

It's 5:00am... shouldn't you be sleeping?

One of the things that constantly blows me away about being a parent is how it feels first thing in the morning when your child wakes you up. Last night Declan woke up at 2:00am and then again and 5:00am. His teeth are coming in and he has an ear infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics currently so he is in a lot of discomfort.

Andrea brought him into our bed to try and comfort him and it worked. The only thing that would calm him down was being snuggled up to his mummy. Every once in a while he would sit up while he was on her just to make sure that she was still there and then he would hunker back down with his head in her neck and give a little sigh.

These nights have become fewer and fewer over the last year but I can remember when he would come into bed with us and he would fall asleep on my chest. Granted this was before he weighed almost 30 pounds so it was much easier to do. He really is the most precious little guy and there is a part of me that does not want anything about this to change.

Declan started sleeping in his own bed without any problems by 3 months. We were really lucky that he was so good about being in his own room because it gave us a sense of our own space again, as well as better nights of sleep. Anyone with little ones knows it can be frustrating when you have to get up with them in the night but I don't know what we'll do when that time passes. As it stands, on nights when he actually sleeps straight through I wake up anyway just waiting for him to need us.

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