Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah I know... what happened to 2 times a week? I set myself some lofty goals in posting and so far I am falling short. Sorry.

Anyway... so this weekend is what I would call the beginning of the Christmas Season. To celebrate we went down to the town centre in Dundas for the annual tree-lighting ceremony. I grew up in Dundas and I can honestly say that I have never attended. It was time that I made up for it. Last year I had a gig so I was unable to make it. Luckily this year I had the whole weekend off so I was able to go.

Andrea, Declan and I got there around 7:00pm and the lighting was supposed to happen around 7:30pm. The Dundas Brass Band went through several renditions of Traditional Christmas songs. They had the spirit, if not the skill, but it contained just the right amount of small-town kitsch to not suck. It was nice....reminded me of various Christmas movies with people singing and enjoying the company that they were in.

Brilliantly we did not put Declan's snowpants on before we left so we had to get him dressed up while we were in the cold because his pants looked more like shorts while he was being held. It was too cold for that nonsense! Once he was all bundled up we got into the serious business of being Merry. This included two cups of warm apple cider to chase away the cold.

The warm cups of comfort were enjoyed while a small group of children were led through warbling renditions of some of my favorite Christmas tunes. To be honest I can't remember any of the songs that they sang because each child looked terrified and it was more entertaining watching them than listening to them. I am sure someone's precious snowflake will be scarred for life due that experience!

Declan enjoyed all of it. The band, the singing and the eventual tree lighting. The coup de grace was the arrival of Jolly Ole St. Nick in the back of a Firetruck. Apparently the sleigh was in the shop and Rudolph was on vacation. Oh well, the madding crowds were hilarious. Parents thrusting their kids forward into the chaos to say hi to Santa. Teenagers pushing kids away so that they could get even closer. Ah, the Christmas spirit was alive and well.

Honestly though it was a great night. Just as the Tree Lighting was taking place, big fluffy snowflakes started to fall. It really did make for a wonderful scene. I know that Andrea enjoyed it and Declan had fun listening to the music. That is all that really matters to me.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the season.

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