Monday, May 18, 2009


What a weekend! This is supposed to be the unofficial start of summer and it was rubbish. I went to open the cottage on the weekend and ended up getting a chip in my windshield after some silly girl stopped paying attention to the road. She drifted onto the newly graded soft shoulder and kicked up big stones. One nailed the windshield and I was convinced it was going to shatter. Luckily for me it is just chipped! Great. Then Highway 86 was closed in one of the small towns that I have to drive through so I had the pleasure of a 30 minute detour to get back on track which was just great.

I decided to come home the same day because it was cold and I wanted to sleep in my own house with my family. I got home to find out that Union Gas had been around and changed out our gas meter. In doing so they shut the gas off and I had to call them to get someone back over to the house to turn it back on and switch on the pilots. When he arrived he was kind enough to tell me that my boiler and my chimney are both now illegal thanks to changes in the law in the last couple of years. Great. So now we have a boiler that is not able to be used and will need to be replaced before winter. Great.

Declan has been found to have asthma which kinda sucks as well. Unfortunately for the little guy he also has chronic ear infections which create coughs and runny noses for him. Last night he woke up around midnight hacking his brains out and coughed for about 3 hours. Great. I brought him into bed with us to try and comfort him and ended up with his feet in my back for the rest of the night while he finally slept.

I was really looking forward to this first long weekend and I can honestly say that up until last night it really sucked. Then, Andrea and Declan got home from her parents house while I was cutting the grass and they helped out with some yard work. Apart from Declan trying to run into traffic on Dundurn it was awesome. He helped me cut the grass by pulling the cord behind me and then helped Andrea with weeding the garden, which looks beautiful. I am really proud of the work that Andrea did on that patch last year. It is coming up gorgeous now! Those 30 minutes or so came really close to zeroing out all the other garbage that happened this weekend. It is incredible how something so small or seemingly insignificant can bring such joy.

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