Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lawn Work

I got home yesterday from a long day at work and realized that I had to tackle the lawn. It had been almost two weeks since the grass had been cut and it was looking pretty shaggy. I have to admit that I am being generous in the description of the frontage of my house as grass; more like broad leafed weeds with a smattering of blades where they can squeeze through. Anyway…it had to get done so I dug in.

I surveyed the backyard and realized that it has been overwhelmed by a variety of weeds and I thought to myself, “Self, that’s it! No more. Time to get rid of this rubbish.”. I got on the gloves and started pulling weeds, got the saw and began cutting back small trees that had taken root in various places and also trimmed back the lilac bush beside the house.

I cut the grass in the back and had filled our green bin with the bits and pieces that I had pulled. I moved on the front and side of the house and realized that our Birch tree has taken over. I can’t mow the lawn underneath because of the hanging branches that actually touch the ground. So I took the route of hacking away at what I could. It looks much better now!

Once I put the mower away I also noticed a hint of red at the fence in the backyard. I had discovered an unseen cache of ripe raspberries which was a great reward for the mess that I had created! When I brought them in Declan was sitting on the couch with Andrea devouring a freezie, saw the berries and proceeded to eat most of the them. No berries for Daddy.

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