Sunday, February 5, 2012


I just had the best snuggle with Rhys. For those of you have kids, or nieces or nephews I can guarantee you know exactly how I feel. He was due to wake up from a nap and when I walked into his room he rolled over and smiled at me. I lay down beside him and gave him a hug and put his arms around my neck and said, "Squeezie!" and laughed. He hugged me as hard as he could and I gave him one back with a kiss on the forehead with an, "I love you monkey.".

I live for those moments with my boys. Declan gets really snuggly in the evening and I normally get at least one good sit with him during the evening. The fun part now is that he and Rhys will sit with me while I read them a story or two. Declan used to fall asleep on me all the time.

The best snuggles I get from Rhys are on a Saturday morning when soccer starts on TV. He climbs up on my lap and we snuggle in under a blanket and watch the game together. Love it!

Leighton is still a bit young for an active snuggle but what I get from him are his gorgeous smiles. He sits on my lap and looks and me and just lights up. I hope that never ends.

They are a handful at the best of times but God do I love them.

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