Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snip Snip

After some discussion with Andrea it was decided that it was time to have the big snip. No more kids for us. I have to admit there is a pang of regret that the three perfect monsters that we have will be it. That isn't a longing for having a baby girl believe me, but more just a realization that we have been incredibly fortunate being able to have three amazing children.

I have heard absolute horror stories about vasectomies in the past few years from friends. Everything from people developing hematomas to smelling the cauterization that they perform. I figured I was ready for this whole experience. I was wrong.

My day started out with Andrea dropping me off at the hospital to check in which was done fast and efficiently. I then checked into the surgery clinic and after being given my gown I settled in for a bit of a wait. I was in the pre-op area and was easily the youngest person there by 40 years. The complaints I was hearing are certainly not anything to look forward to as I age.

When I was finally ushered into the operating suite I was done so by a young, good looking nurse and my first thought was "you couldn't be old and fat could you?"

We chatted while waiting for the Dr. who I had met for the first time about 30 minutes earlier. I am sure that to be a Urologist for 40 years you have to develop a unique sense of humour. Mine certainly did. He joked around and had a good laugh throughout the procedure.

From what I had read there are plenty of different ways that a vasectomy can be done. I wasn't given a choice. I had the old fashioned needles in the groin, cut and stitch. The needles are no fun and I had warned him that it takes time for freezing to work on me. Consequently I felt the first cut in full. Let me repeat that: I FELT THE FIRST CUT IN FULL.

All the guys that are reading this can now unclench and relax, it really wasn't as bad as I expected. After some further freezing and some time I didn't feel anything else. The procedure was done in about 45 minutes. After being given the most comfy mesh underwear ever I was ushered to recovery.

There was never any real serious pain while I was recovering over the next week. I was uncomfortable and had some weird muscle pulling which wasn't fun but otherwise with the understanding from Andrea that I needed to rest everything healed up pretty well.

Andrea wouldn't let me do much of anything just in case I strained or popped a stitch. I really appreciated being allowed to recover properly as I am sure it helped out immensely. The boys were really good as well and not once did they jump on me or act too crazy for fear that they may do some damage. They fully understood that Daddy had stitches and could not be silly with them for a little while.

I don't think that you can really be fully prepared for a procedure like a vasectomy. It is full of anxiety and I am sure that for some it is full of doubt and potential regret. Now I just have to find time to get my tonsils out and have some work done on my nose so that I can breathe properly. I am sure that will be a bucket of fun!

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