Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of the things that I have always looked forward to doing with my boys is taking them to events. Seeing the excitement on Declan's face the first time that I took him to see Bob the Builder was amazing. What a feeling. Since then we have been to a Ti-Cats game, many hockey games with his Poppa and 3 Monster Jams. The Monster Jams are probably the most fun though.

The build-up to a Monster Truck event is hilarious. The whole SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! and GRAAAAVE DIGGERRRRR! hoopla is great on the radio and a lot of fun to mimic. When I showed Declan the tickets and told him what they said his eyes went wide, his mouth dropped and he got so excited! We really got him going this time. He remembers the fun he had with me and Uncle Robbie at Monster Jam in the Roger's Centre back in the February.

This time we were joined by Jacob and Grandma Shirley. Grandma being the uninitiated when it comes to the whole Monster Jam phenomena. We grabbed a light lunch at the Honest Lawyer and then walked back through the Market in Jackson Square (quick aside: what a vibrant feel that place has in such dismal conditions) and out the doors to Copps Coliseum.

Suffice it to say we had a great time. The boys were well behaved and the spectacle of cars being crushed for our viewing pleasure never gets old. Glad that I had my ear plugs and Declan had his ear protection because those things are LOUD! Grave Digger gave us what we wanted to see as did the Quad Bikes and the Motor Cross jumpers.

Can't wait to go see it again at the Roger's Centre in January with Uncle Robbie! I swear having boys is the perfect excuse to be a little boy all over again!

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