Sunday, January 30, 2011

Family Movie Night

One of the coolest things about Declan being the age he is has to be that he now has the attention span to watch a movie with us. Since we have been home we have had a few nights now were we get Rhys to bet and have time to watch a kids movie like How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me or Monsters Inc. and it has been so much fun. I love watching his face when something funny happens and he gets it! It makes me laugh so hard.

I also have to say that How to Train Your Dragon was an amazing movie! A bit risque at points for younger kids with the language but altogether a really fun and entertaining movie. I think that Declan got scared maybe one or two times at things that happened a bit fast or loud for him but nothing too bad and he still was talking about it days later.

This is the best time because he wants to cuddle and relax as the day winds down and I watch as he lays on the couch with Andrea and just nuzzles into her. You can actually see his eyes slowly closing and hear the change as his breathing slows and deepens. I don't get those moments since I generally am the one that has to be wrestled with or tickled or climbed all over. I only get the relaxing cuddle when he is REALLY tired.

Anyway, I am sure that in the next year when Rhys joins us on these evenings I will get some snuggles with one of them. Or maybe they will just fight over who gets the prime spot with Mommy. Oh well, at least I will have my couch to myself!

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