Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the old...

I really considered just putting together a note today on how awful the last year was. You know what, screw it, not gonna do that. It was a tough year for us but all in all I know that there are people who have had it much worse. I have to try and just be positive about it.

In the last year, Rhys learned how to walk and beat up his older brother. He has developed all kinds of hilarious expressions and his smile is infectious. Declan took amazing strides in his potty training and has become a remarkable young man. He is polite (though needs to be reminded at times) and is incredibly sensitive for a 3 year old. He charms people as soon as he enters a room which is wonderful to see.

Andrea and I have both weathered a storm that seemed to rage for a good portion of the year and I am convinced that we will come out of it stronger than before. Maybe a bit battered but all in all better.

I look forward and see changes for all of us on the horizon. The big one will be that Declan begins real school this autumn which should be traumatic for all involved. He has been at his current daycare since he was 11 months old and they have grown as attached to him as he has to the staff there. Rhys has come around to the whole idea of being in "school" after a slightly rocky start. Both of our boys enjoy their time there.

I hope that all of my friends have had a safe and happy holiday season. I am sorry that I was unable to see as many of you as I would have liked and hope that we are able to remedy that situation come this year.

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