Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I the only one who thinks that kids toys are a bit too secure in their packaging? Declan and Rhys were both the incredibly lucky recipients of overly indulgent family members this year. Since they are the only nephews on our side they are definitely a little spoiled with toys. The fun part is getting these toys out of the boxes and in playing condition.

I don't remember it being this difficult in the past to get a truck out of the packaging. Now you have to pull it out of the box, take off all of the garbage ties and then make sure that any accessories are also untied. It doesn't seem that difficult but I swear it is awful!

I am convinced that the toy companies have a sadist who's entire job is to devise evil ways to secure toys in their boxes. This year I actually encountered the toy that is screwed into it's box! Ridiculous! I didn't realize that I would need a tool box to get Lightning McQueen out of the plastic!

It is all worth it in the end once you see the kids faces and watch the way they hit each other with the toys. The way their eyes sparkle with tears, the way their screams pierce the Christmas morning quiet. Ahhh there is nothing like it.

Kidding aside, Christmas morning was fun. Declan was excited about every present that he received (even the clothes). Due to his lack of a vocabulary, Rhys only managed "Wow!" every 5 minutes or so. It was exactly what we wanted for the boys on Christmas morning.

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