Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The House that Santa Claus Forgot.

So the decision has been made. No Christmas on Dundurn Street for the Carrolls this year. To be honest now that we have made the decision to stay out of the home until after Christmas I feel a little liberated. I don't feel the pressure to get in and try and make it perfect. This way I can make the most of Christmas and still celebrate with my family. I am just sorry that it took this long to get here.

So I have finally dusted off the Santa hat and am filling myself with Christmas cheer! Grabbing Christmas by the throat and squeezing all of the goodness that I can out of it in the last couple of days before the Fat Man arrives.

The problem at this point is that I don't feel prepared. I don't feel that I have had the run-up that most people do to December 25th. I haven't seen all of the shows that I wanted to see, listen to the music that I wanted to hear or take the time to just look at the Christmas tree that we put up last week.

In the end I have to admit at least we have each other. We are healthy, happy and doing well. Come the New Year we will back in our home and in all aspects that home will be better than the one that we left.

I want to thank everyone who has expressed their concern over the last 3 months. It is wonderful to know that so many people care about how things are going with us and have reached out to me at my gigs, when I am out and about or via email to find out how things are going. We are doing just fine and looking forward to a Christmas that we certainly won't forget any time soon.

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